2013, list, words

13 in 2013

1. worked with 2nd graders afterschool & completed 1st graphic design internship

2. applied to AmeriCorps

3. started 1st full-time position as an AmeriCorps member in Aug 2013

4. moved to Sunny San Diego & started to network in earnest

5. 3rd bridge school benefit 2013 CSNY

6. worked on lots of design & photos for Mrs. Henry

7. started bleaching my growing hair again

8. read 18 books

9. was able to bike to work until Jun, when I began a very long daily drive

10. conquered the FREEWAY & am a car owner again

11. drank way too much dr pepper

12. got a hand me down iphone 4 aka 1st  smart phone (dec 13)

13. moved in with my partner in crime

12 in 2012

more lists to follow (2014 goals & intentions, music & style) and i also hope to come back to this post & add photos


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