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figure it out

I find myself at a hard place. I decided to try AmeriCorps again for the second time for various reasons. I didn’t get the experience I expected last year. I really wanted to do the hard work. I want to help young people. I wanted to have some form of income/benefits.

Yet , inside of me I want more and more then that… I want to be myself with my whole heart. I want to be a maker, to create, and to be an Artist. I feel like l have been running away from it and it is time to stop and look into the mirror and face who I am supposed to be and I am starting by writing this post.

I have been wanting to blog or write online as long as I can remember. I want this blog to be my documentation of trying to figure it out. I know that I may never figure it out but I will try my best to live the life I want to make for myself.