rejection and internships

Today I woke up to email letting me know that yet another company had decided to “move forward with candidates we felt had the most significant experience and fit for this role.”  This time is was for a full-time internship with the possibility of a stipend. I know that a huge part of the job hunt and search is rejection and I am currently learning to deal with it and grow a tough skin.

When I started university I had vague ideas of what I wanted to be but I knew that I needed a degree to get a good job. My parents encouraged me to study whatever I wanted. I liked artsy things and I loved magazines and I always liked school and thought about being a teacher. I settled on double majoring in Humanities & Art (graphic design and photography courses). I hate to think know that I wanted a plan b and another plan just in case. 

At this point it had been almost THREE YEARS since I have graduated (in dec). I have to admit I feel like a failure and I am disappointed in myself. But, I see and know things know that I didn’t know or understand when I set my goal about having a good job. I have been working in a unrelated field part time jobs and I am still figuring this stuff out.

I am applying for internships and part time jobs. I am seeing the obstacles as part of the path. I am thinking about masters degrees, americorps, teaching, 


About summer

i am about to finish the school year at my part-time job.

i am about to end my internship at nonprofit company.

i am about to get out of long distance relationship and get into being in the same place (finally for good i hope). 

i am about to



I have a blog and I have decided to abandon it and start fresh.

I am in a figuring it out stage in life. I would like to document the process in this blog.

I think I want to be a graphic designer, but its tough out there!

Let go.