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14 in 2014

1. First race (San Diego Rock n Roll Relay half marathon) ever with mom relay race of 7 of 13 miles all over San Diego. Started to run.

2. Completed 1 AmeriCorps service year (August ) started 2 term.

3. Toured with Mrs Henry, Howlin Rain, and Whiskey Circle and helped how I could. Saw lots of California.

4. Instagram/ iPhone and my pocket photos posting really starts with my acquiring iphone 5, oh smartphone.

5. CAT / DOTTIE living at home with me.

6. Reconnected with people I have met from my France time. Baja Mexico & Boston trips!

7. seven years with my partner and roadtrippin down the CA-1

8. full year of living in san diego down south ( aug 13 – now ) with my man.

9. Septum!

10. Started taking community classes/working on myself.

11. Sat down and talked with a homeless man in Hollywood.

12. Tried really hard at times and didn’t even care at others … Seeking more.

13. Made the best decision ever to get into Frank Zappa and got myself Frank Zappa and the Mother’s Freak Out record for my 27th birthday.

14. new camera to me, for freelancin and future life plans and goals.


week 11

At this point I have been doing AmeriCorps for 11 weeks. I had wanted to try and blog about it but here I am. I am adjusting to moving away from my hometown, living with my boyfriend, and the long drive to work. I am learning how to have and create my own life, while trying to survive the day.

I don’t want this to be a blog about AmeriCorps but I can not lie that I am beyond excited about the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN ENDING. AmeriCorps is a funny situation that I am still trying to get a handle on so I don’t think my whining and complaining would do anyone any good. I know its hard like most jobs and it all depends on the site placement, I have decided to make the best of it.

One of the reasons why I decided to join AmeriCorps was because it seemed like a good idea. I was tired of my part-time job that I hated that was going nowhere fast and I was also over the fact that my relationship was long distance. I feel like ever since I ended college and even now almost T-H-R-E-E years later, I have been trying to figure out W-T-F I am supposed to be doing.

Last Tuesday, I had a bad bad day that ended with being locked out of my home without my phone or wallet. IT was one of the worst days I had since moving here and it led to my understanding that I am creative and I want to do that for a living. I have been all this time its just all these thoughts in my mind that stop me. I wish I could be shameless, and completely free. The classes I enjoyed doing while in college the reason I took 5 years to complete my degree. I made the decision that every single day I will be working towards making it true.